Dinesen was founded in 1898 by Hans Peter Dinesen, a master buider. He was unable to find wood of the quality he wanted, so he started up his own sawmill in the small town of Jels in Denmark under the name Jels Savvaerk (Jels Sawmill). For many years, the sawmill produced whatever the local community asked for. In 1965, the company was contacted by an architect who needed unusually long floorboards as part of the restoration work on Sonderborg Castle. The solution was to use custom-made Douglas planks which made quite an impression with lengths up to 15 meters, and as wide as 45 centimeters. It created an exceptional effect, and the order was a definite success. The company became the preferred floor producers for homes,  castles, museum, hotel, restaurants in Denmark and abroad. Today you can find Dinesen flooring at the Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen, the Brandhorst  Museum in Munich, and the Saatchi Gallery in London, among others